The British Wood Pulp Association

The British Wood Pulp Association (BWPA) was founded in 1896 following talks between members of companies involved in the wood pulp trade in the UK. A circular was issued in February 1896 giving notice of a meeting to be held on Monday 10th March at 2pm to consider the advisability of forming an English Wood Pulp Association.

It was proposed at this meeting that the English and Scottish interests involved in the sale of wood pulp to the British Paper Making Industry form an Association called the British Wood Pulp Association. A Committee was formed to carry the motion forward and a Chairman, Mr Albin Alsing, was elected. It was mentioned that both the English and Scottish Paper Makers' Associations had agreed to assist and that the Swedish, Norwegian and German Wood Pulp Associations had promised to co-operate.

The main objectives of the BWPA were set out:

  • To further the interests of the Wood Pulp trade by friendly intercourse and the interchange of information and views.
  • To establish relations with kindred Associations at home and abroad.
  • To collect statistics relating to the wood pulp industry.
  • To recommend and adopt a uniform contract note and system of drawing and testing samples.
  • To combine action to bring pressure to bear on railway and dock companies, steamship owners, wharfingers, lightermen and others, in order to secure advantageous rates and charges.
  • To assist in any litigation by which the general interests of wood pulp importers are in the opinion of the Committee affected.